Movie Infoprecious2.jpg


8 Minutes


Digital Video

1.33:1 Aspect Ratio

Produced by Bubblegum Detective Agency


Otto Steinholz, a man with the remarkable ability to produce nuts, bolts, and other kinds of
metal objects from his body, tells his daughter the story of how he met the love of his life.


2009 Illinois International Film Festival

2009 Tallahasssee Film Festival

2009 Kent Film Festival

2009 Dam Short Film Festival

2009 Filmapalooza at the Miami International Film Festival

2009 Honolulu International Film Festival….Winner Aloha Accolade Award

2009 Fargo Winter Carnivale

2008 Free Range Film Festival

2008 Fargo 48 Hour Film Project…Winner Best Movie, Director, Screenplay, Cinematography,
Editing, Lead Actor, Acting Ensemble, and Costume Design


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