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23 Minutes

Color, Black & White

Digital Video

1.78:1 Aspect Ratio

Produced by Flat Valley Productions


African Soul, American Heart is a dream in the heart of Joseph Akol Makeer,
one of nearly 4000 Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan resettled in America.  Now a college
graduate, author of the memoir From Africa to America: The Journey of a Lost Boy
of Sudan, and father to three children born in the United States, Joseph is troubled
by memories of the orphans he left behind.  After years of war, returning refugees
are finding their villages burned, the water contaminated, the cattle gone, and their
way of life destroyed.

African Soul, American Heart retraces the journey of the Lost Boys from Sudan to
Ethiopia to Kenya and follows Joseph back to the Kenyan refugee camp and the
Sudanese village where he was born.  Focusing on the orphans, Joseph interviews
officials, clergy, and the children themselves, learning there are more than 2100
orphans in this village of 19,000.  They need food, shelter, clothing, and medical
care, and they dream of going to school.

Back in America, Joseph shares his plan to build a boarding facility to nurture these
orphans and retain their ties to village life.  Joseph knows in his soul that if these
children are helped, “they will be good leaders in our nation and in our world.”


2009 Orlando Film Festival

2009 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival

2009 Fargo Film Festival


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